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Meet Dr. Todd Corelli

Dr. Todd Corelli received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Brigham Young University and also completed a one year residency in Pediatric Psychology at Michigan State University Medical School. He has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. For several years, Dr. Corelli had a large therapy practice working almost exclusively with teenagers and young adults in the community. 

For the past 20 years, Dr. Corelli has worked across the country and internationally as an independent consultant for referring professionals. He has worked in a variety of settings, including homes, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and therapeutic wilderness programs. 

Meet The Corelli Family

Todd has been married for 32 years and he and Valerie are the parents of four children, ages 16-29. 

Todd loves to travel, read, golf and spend time with his family. 

Todd is 6’9”, played basketball in college, and also holds a basketball record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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What Dr. Todd Can Offer Your Family...

Download Your FREE eBook Below!

"How to Discipline Your Child..."

(It’s Not What You Think!)

The Two Steps To Correct and Connect With Your Child...

Free, "Reconnect With Your Kids"

"How To Reconnect With Your Kids"

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... A Psychologists Guide To Re-Connecting With Your Kids & Re-Building Your Family 
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Learn Parenting Strategies Like:
 • Why Parents Struggle With Their Kids...
 • How To Build Influence With Your Child...
 • How Children Learn & Grow...
 • THE Practical & Productive Parent-Plan...
Connection & Credibility,
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"Connection & Credibility"

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Renowned clinical psychologist and sought-out family expert, Dr. Todd Corelli, teaches his proven techniques to help any parent…
• Develop A Close Relationship With Your Child 
• Positively Influence Your Child's Behavior (And Experience Your Children Seeking Your Help!) 
Re-connect with Your child and re-build Your family (no matter how bad things Are Now!)

Also Consider

Dr. Todd's Psychological Testing

Dr. Corelli administers psychological and psychoeducational evaluations in order to clarify each individual’s psychological functioning, learning profile, and any learning difficulties. 

These test results assess a wide range of potential problems, including AD/HD, executive functioning, other learning disorders, depression, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, personality disorders, trauma, addiction, and many other diagnostic issues. 

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gain positive influence in your home

Expressing Genuine Care

Dr. Todd's personal story helps illustrate the Care-For-Influence principle...

The Control Paradox

Dr. Todd shares a childhood memory to explain The Control Paradox parents face...

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What Do Dr. Todd's Colleagues Say?


“Working with Dr. Todd is like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug, all put together in one. Todd brings together his knowledge, skills, and expertise in a warm, sensitive, applicable way that will make everyone feel they can do this.”


“Professionally, it's been so fantastic to work with Dr. Todd because in addition to that genuine character that he carries around, he's also built such a wealth of knowledge. He's an incredibly intelligent person, who's insightful, reads people well, and all of that plays into what I think of as his superpower, which is his ability to connect with and work with kids and families, and bring so much clarity and understanding and direction to them.”


“Working with Todd is like working with a trusted friend who understands that our intentions may be good, but sometimes our behaviors as parents are misguided. So he seems to have the ability to ask just the right questions, to help us understand ourselves better and to be able to see and hear our children more clearly. I would recommend him highly.”










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