Meet Dr. Todd Corelli

check Dr. Corelli is a clinical psychologist that has spent the past 20 years in the field studying adolescents. Literally, for the past 15 years, Dr. Corelli has traveled to the country's elite wilderness programs to evaluate youth struggling with a wide variety of behavior disorders. From serious drug abuse and sexual addiction, to depression, anxiety, autism, bi-polar, behaviors, Dr. Corelli has seen it all.

buy Tinidazole Now, he wants to share his learnings from interviewing thousands of teenagers and their parents.  Through his experience, he has discovered a set of principles that every parent can apply to improve their relationship and influence with their children. More importantly, Dr. Corelli can teach you how to build on basic behavior modification techniques like love and logic.


Dr. Todd isn't your typical desk bound psychologist

When we say Dr. Corelli has walked in the shoes of thousands of clients, we mean it. Nearly every week for the past 15 years Dr. Todd has traveled the country and driven to far off places to meet troubled teens enrolled in the leading wilderness programs. From the deserts of Southern Utah, to the mountains of Vermont, and the humidity of Georgia, Dr. Todd has been there meeting with youth, pouring over his extensive 700 question evaluation and collaborating with the dedicated counselors trying to help these teens.  Feeling compelled to tell parents what he has learned, you will find his rich library of stories, principles, and techniques high valuable.

Dr. Corelli received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Brigham Young University and completed a one- year residency in Pediatric Psychology at Michigan State University Medical School. His self-stated passion is working with families.