Dr Todd Talks
Dr Todd Talks

buy provigil.com The Control Paradox

tretiva 30 price Have you ever noticed, the more you try to control your spouse or child, the less influence you have with your loved one? Ironically, giving up control brings greater influence with those you love. Dr. Todd shares a personal story from his childhood to illustrate.

How To Be Ignored By Your Kids In 3 Easy Steps

First, a true story...
The other day while on a plane, a woman sat next to me who I had been observing just moments earlier while at the gate waiting to board. It was quite the show to say the least. After asking her teenage son to stop slapping his brother’s head and then running away, the boy merely rolled his eyes and kept at it.


5 Steps to Getting on the Same Page with Parenting

In my article How to Be Ignored by Your Kids In 3 Easy Steps I described a relatively common parenting problem where no matter what “parenting tool” you used, the problem would never resolve because it was all being undermined by issues in the marriage. This current article will provide some specific suggestions for how to get on the same page, even if your parenting philosophies are on different planets.


Recommended Site Genuinely Caring for Others Leads to Greater Influence

Dr. Todd shares a poignant story to illustrate how he learned this valuable lesson as a young psychologist.

The Magic of Family Rituals

Valerie and I try to do a few things in our family that keep us connected with each other and with the kids. The kids don’t know that we do these things purposefully, but we have developed some rituals over the years. These are small and seemingly insignificant, and most of the time are quite mundane.  They include things like having dinner together and ...


How To Have Difficult Conversations

I’m thinking of two colleagues I have. Their stories and situations are different, but the dilemma is the same. They are convinced that they cannot talk to their partners about important problems, because doing so will cause such major conflict that it will certainly make things worse. So they say nothing. Here’s a brief synopsis of each situation:


A Love Letter To My Kids

Why I Love Being Your Dad!!

I began thinking of you kids long before you were ever born. Even as a teenager I wondered what it would be like to be a dad someday, and it was something I always anticipated and looked forward to.  Part of that is probably because I had such a good relationship with my own dad, whom I idolized from a very young age.  I remember when your mom and I were so young and had only been married for a couple of years.  We had talked about kids, but weren’t sure when the right time would be to start our family.  We waited a few years, which was a good thing because it took me a while to grow up.  But I still remember to this day, 23 years ago, standing in the bathroom upstairs in our tiny apartment, when mom came in and surprised me that you were on the way.